The Art of Singing

The tenor Francisco Viñas was always concerned about vocal emission issues and how to use the correct vocal technique.  With this in mind, and considering the challenges young singers face during their learning process, he wrote a book comprising both theoretical and practical sections. These exercises, transcribed by his brother Mariano Viñas, a composer and canon at the Cathedral of Barcelona, address various aspects of vocal technique.

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the book's release in Spanish with a prologue by Victoria de los Ángeles, the Francisco Viñas Foundation, sponsored by Laboratorios Viñas, has decided to translate the book into English thus contributing to the original purpose of Tenor Viñas to help young singers.

The Francisco Viñas Private Foundation is a non-profit organization whose objectives include supporting young lyrical talents. In order to continue to boost the careers of young singers, the book "The Art of Singing" will be given as a token of appreciation for a donation of not less than €10 through a bank transfer (bank charges borne by the donor) to the following account:

Bank: Caixabank, S.A.
Address of the bank office: Av. Diagonal 431 bis, 08006 Barcelona
Account holder: Fundación Privada Francesc Viñas
IBAN: ES40 2100 3060 5922 0201 8670