Female voices

1st Erian Davies (Great Britain)
    Juliana Gondek (USA)
2nd Heui-Young Chu (Korea)
    Anne Salvan (France)
3rd Eugenia Dundekova (Bulgaria)
    Katheleen Cassello (USA)
    Eizbieta Ardam (Poland)


Male voices

lº  Null
2nd Stefan Bevier (Germany)
3rd Chris de Moor (Belgium)


Special prizes

To the best Mozart performer: Eirian Davies (Great Britain)
To the best light soprano: Katehleen Cassello (USA)
To the best performer of Spanish Music: Jadwiga-Teresa Stepien (Poland)
To the best performer of Schubert: Stefan Bevier (Germany)
To the youngest mezzo-soprano finalist: Liliana Petrescu (Romania)


Mr. Emilio Núñez (Spain). Musicologist and Lecturer. Member of several international competitions.



Mr. Lorenzo Alvary (USA). Bass of the Metropolitan Opera House, New York. Director of the radio programme "Opera Topics", New York.

Mr. Lluís Andreu (Spain). General Administrator of the Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona.

Mr. Manuel Ausensi (Spain). Baritone. Operistic career in the main theatres of the world. Recordings.

Mr. Carles Caballé (Spain). Artistic Agent.

Mr. Ettore Campogalliani (Italy). Pianist. Music critic. Singing teacher of the main figures of the Lirica.

Mr. Yvon Le Marc-Hadour (France). Baritone. Singing teacher. Member of several International Competitions.

Mr. Ray Minshull (Great Britain). Vice President of DECCA International Record Company.

Ms. Magda Olivero (Italy). Soprano. Operistic career in the main theatres of the world. Recordings.